Notes on the family history

Despite the loss of private estate and various public archives, the family is in possession of a family history written in 1884 by the Imperial envoy Dr. Emil Freiherr Praetorius v. Richthofen on behalf of the family. This work of highest source value has been republished in two volumes as eBook and is available for download as PDF in the public section of our webpage The files can be read with a PDF-reader and are searchable. The old German fonts have been replaced with modern fonts. We have annotated the text where applicable with findings from the internet, but cannot be held responsible for the correctness of these linked contents. Thanks to Friedrich Wilhelm Euler, genealogist and archivist, former head of the „Instituts zur Erforschung historischer Führungsschichten“, we posses the full genealogical lineage of the family v. Richthofen, published in the 68th volume of „Gesamtreihe des Genealogischen Handbuch des Adels“, C. A. Starke publisher (1978). We would also like to highlight the portraits of the family in the XI. Volume of the aristocratic lexicon, published by the same publisher in 2000 that we also keep on our website.

We continuously expand our family history by means of building up our family archive, publishing an internal family magazine in regular intervals and supporting publications on individuals personalities of the family that reach the bookstands. To the same end we document the estates that once were in family possession and a bibliography on and about RICHTHOFEN name holders. Both indexes are being updated continuously and posted on our website.

Dr. Karl-Friedrich Frhr. v. Richthofen

Richthofen Family Archive, October 2012

Translation: Dr. Aurel Frhr. v. Richthofen, Patricia Frfr. v. Richthofen, Stefanie Frfr. v. Richthofen-Klopp